Cape May is a tiny seaside town located on the tip of the Jersey shore. While you may find yourself conjuring up ideas about a certain television show, Cape May is not that place. Aside from being home to some of the most incredible white sand beaches on the East Coast, the town also boasts historic architecture, unbelievably good seafood and lots of opportunities to relax.

As someone who has experienced the dreaded beach vacation that consisted of rain four out of five days, I’m always a bit cautious about planning a vacation solely around beach and pool visits (although I love those too). Cape May is absolutely perfect in that regard because there is so much to explore on rainy or overcast days when the beach isn’t an option. A favorite during my visit was the Cape May Vineyard, a small but impressive winery and vineyard located just a few miles inland from the coast. The vineyard covers 70 acres and produces over 16 different grape varietals. All of this translates into some really delicious, flavorful wine. All of the staff members at the vineyard are eager to help you find a wine that you love regardless of whether you are a complete novice to wine tasting or an old pro. You can also tour the grounds, buy bottles of your favorite wines (they’ll even ship them back home for you) and learn more about their unique winemaking process.

Once you tour the vineyard and taste some wines, you can take a glass back to their patio and enjoy a picnic lunch with views overlooking the vineyard. It’s truly the perfect complement to a long day at the beach.

711 Town Bank Road
Cape May, NJ 08204

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