The Columbia is one of the oldest restaurants in Florida and its just so good. For the fourth of July, we decided to try our hand at their red sangria recipe. Their sangria is a favorite, but this at-home version was pretty close. They have lots of other recipes on their website I’d recommend too.

The Columbia’s Red Sangria Recipe

– 1 bottle Spanish red wine
– ΒΌ cup Spanish brandy
– 2 tablespoons lemon juice
– 2 tablespoons orange juice
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– 1 cup club soda
– 1 sliced lemon
– 1 sliced orange
– 2-3 whole cherries

(note: I substituted apple slices for cherries)

Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher. Stir with a wooden spoon until well mixed. Pour into large wine glasses. Garnish with orange slices and cherries. Add ice to pitcher. Serves 4.


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Embassy of Estonia

These are two photos I took while shooting at the Embassy of Estonia last week. I was there photographing Ambassador Kaljurand for YPFP, and I took the two of these before her event started.


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PHO 75

In the wintertime we get pho from our favorite local place (pho 75) pretty frequently. We hadn’t had it in a while, and even though it’s starting to get warmer, we got some takeout the other night and did not regret it!
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